Move On When Reading

Dear Parents:

The Sonoita Elementary School District offers a comprehensive core reading program curriculum to all K-4 students in which the academic achievement of each student is monitored throughout the school year. The District core reading program, Beyond Textbooks includes all of the components of early literacy skills: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension.

The Sonoita Elementary School District continually monitors reading achievement through state, district, and reading program assessments in grades K-3, adjusting instruction to meet each student’s needs. This letter is to inform you that if your child’s Reading Proficiency is:

Proficient (has many skills, needs to work to maintain)

Partially Proficient

Minimally Proficient

Your child may be at risk of not meeting the Move On When Reading requirements.  This determination is made based on the Reading component of the AzMERIT assessment.

Students who are demonstrating difficulty in reading receive additional assistance and intervention to meet their individual needs. Ongoing assessment measures are administered to inform instruction and monitor progress. The following supports are being provided to your child to help with mastery of targeted skill areas:

AIMS Web Progress Monitoring

Small Group Instruction (during Tier I)

Reading Interventionist Services

In collaboration with the school, it is imperative that parents also support and monitor their child’s reading skills at home.

The Sonoita Elementary School District will work to effectively meet the needs of its students and prepare them to exceed standards and experience future success. A collaborative partnership between school and home is essential to the success of the students. Ongoing communication regarding your child’s progress will be provided by the classroom teacher.



Christopher Bonn, Ed.D