Working Hard to Invest in the Future

Elgin School is working hard to invest in the future. We were recently awarded an $18,000 E-Rate Grant that allowed us to update our Local Area Network, WiFi, servers, and firewall. As a result, we have increased our internet speed from 10 MB/second to 110 MB/second, and our network and classroom technologies are now working seamlessly. In addition, we have completed our library renovations, and have incorporated digital technology, media, coding and researching capabilities into our already amazing media collection. I want to personally recognize and thank our Maintenance & Facilities Supervisor, Keith Arnett and Lynne Daffern in our library, for their hard work, creativity, and innovative designs. As a result of  these efforts, Elgin School is clearly on the right path for 21st Century Technology. I invite everyone in the community to visit and see the renovations – they are amazing! 

                We were also recently awarded a $50,000 School Facilities Grant to renovate our playground to be in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) for playground accessibility.  Construction will begin shortly on paved pathways and playground equipment that will allow all of our students to enjoy recess together. School Facilities also awarded us a $600,000 grant to add air conditioning to our elementary building. In addition, we received a High Cost Child Grant in excess of $104,000 and a Pre-School Emergency Grant in excess of $29,000. These grants have generated over three-quarters of a million dollars ($801,000) in less than a year for the Elgin School. We are excited about these awards and our plans to use this revenue to prepare students for the 21st Century and improve the quality of instruction on our campus. 

                Finally, congratulations to our Volleyball team and Coaches Sheila Oliver, Denise Bowdon, and Lacy Beyer who brought home the River Canyon League Championship this month. I am grateful to this wonderful community and all of your support. Thank you for keeping Elgin great. Eagles Rock On!

Move On When Reading

Dear Parents:

The Sonoita Elementary School District offers a comprehensive core reading program curriculum to all K-4 students in which the academic achievement of each student is monitored throughout the school year. The District core reading program, Beyond Textbooks includes all of the components of early literacy skills: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency, and Comprehension.

The Sonoita Elementary School District continually monitors reading achievement through state, district, and reading program assessments in grades K-3, adjusting instruction to meet each student’s needs. This letter is to inform you that if your child’s Reading Proficiency is:

Proficient (has many skills, needs to work to maintain)

Partially Proficient

Minimally Proficient

Your child may be at risk of not meeting the Move On When Reading requirements.  This determination is made based on the Reading component of the AzMERIT assessment.

Students who are demonstrating difficulty in reading receive additional assistance and intervention to meet their individual needs. Ongoing assessment measures are administered to inform instruction and monitor progress. The following supports are being provided to your child to help with mastery of targeted skill areas:

AIMS Web Progress Monitoring

Small Group Instruction (during Tier I)

Reading Interventionist Services

In collaboration with the school, it is imperative that parents also support and monitor their child’s reading skills at home.

The Sonoita Elementary School District will work to effectively meet the needs of its students and prepare them to exceed standards and experience future success. A collaborative partnership between school and home is essential to the success of the students. Ongoing communication regarding your child’s progress will be provided by the classroom teacher.



Christopher Bonn, Ed.D




June 24, 2016

Arizona spending per student ranks 48th with 47 other states spending more per pupil. The annual publication from the U.S. Census Bureau, Public Education Finances: 2014, that was released this month reported that Arizona spent $8786 per pupil in FY2014. Arizona ranked 48th with only Utah at 49th and Idaho at 50th spending less per pupil.

The national average was $12,774 per student with Arizona spending $3988 or 45.4 % less than the national average. With almost 1,100,000 students in Arizona public school spending would have to increase by over $4,000,000,000 to move us to the national average.

May 6, 2016

I want to thank the community, parents and staff for their support of Sonoita Elementary School District and the students at Elgin School. Recently, the auditor general reported our school out performed peer districts, as well as State of Arizona average in English Language Arts (ELA), Math and Science. 100% of our students passed the science AIMS with 75% exceeding the standards. Currently, our 7th and 8th grade students are finishing the school year working on Algebra II Curriculum required in 11th Grade. Last week our 8th grade students were introduced to calculus; 100% of the students passed their formative assessment on 85% or above score. While most schools have stopped teaching and are throwing parties, relaxing and taking a break our student continue to demand we work right up to the end of the school year and challenge them academically. I am impressed, most students are not exposed to this level of math until they are advanced level students in 11th and 12th grade.

Unfortunately, public schools, including Elgin, and the children in our community are under attack from various special interest groups and individuals with negative agendas that threaten our school funding and the quality of education our student receive. This is one of the reasons why having a locally controlled school for the students in our community is essential.

Please make sure you keep yourselves informed about the current trends and negative propaganda being broadcasted. Children are gems and their education is vital to the sustainability of our economy and our future. I appreciate your defense to these attacks and keeping yourselves informed.

Thank you for making our school #1. Rock On Eagle!


I would like to welcome everyone to Elgin’s new Website. I know the site may look a little different but it‘s a work in progress and will eventually align to our new technology standards and have useful components to assist current, potential and former students and their families. As you navigate through this new site please feel free to share any ideas or suggestions that you may have.

I would also like to invite the community and parents to participate or potentially join the Parent Teacher Committee (PTC), which meets at 7:15am in the Governing Board Room at Elgin School the 3rd Wednesday of the Month. The Site Based Council (Principals Advisory Group) meets the 4th Thursday of the month at 7:15am in the Governing Board Room at Elgin.

We are also actively seeking parent and community volunteers to assist in our library and media arts center with various projects and activities. If you are interested please contact me at the school to see where we can pair your up. Finally, the holidays are around the corner and we are excited about our upcoming events. Please refer to our marquee and calendar for special events and updates.

As the calendar year begins to wind down please remember your donations to extracurricular activities may qualify as a tax credit for the State of Arizona Income Tax and benefits our students. If you are interested please contact the school for more information and details. Thank you for your continued support. Eagles Rock On!