Welcome to Elgin School!



Sonoita Elementary School District #25
23 Elgin Road
Elgin, Arizona 85611
Office: (520) 455-5514
Fax: (520) 455-5516

Superintendent / Principal
Dr. Christopher Bonn

Administrative Assistant
Melissa Paul

School Hours:
Our school day begins at 7:55 AM. Dismissal is at 2:50 PM for all grades.
Students should not arrive at school before 7:30 AM and are expected to leave the campus at 2:50 PM unless they are involved in an after school program. Supervision on the campus begins at 7:30 AM and ends at 2:50 PM.
Important Extensions:
Superintendent/Principal - Dr. Christopher Bonn ext. 102
Administrative Assistant - Melissa Paul, ext. 300
Business Manager - Isela Reyes, ext. 304
Business Office Administrative Assistant - Norma Etchart, ext 301
Information Technology Director - Leonard Wegner-Sadorf, ext. 119
Maintenance/Facilities Director - Keith Arnett, ext. 109
Patagonia Union High School Transportation Department - (520) 394-3025
To register your child, you will need the following information:
1. Birth Certificate
2. Immunization Record
3. Proof of Residency
4. Proof of withdrawl from previous school
5. Previous school name and address

To obtain a registration packet please email Melissa Paul at mpaul@elgin12.com or call her at (520) 455-5514 x 300.

Santa Cruz County School Superintendent's Office
Tucked among the rolling, prairie grasslands of rural Sonoita Valley in Elgin, Arizona, Elgin School stands as an educational oasis in a sea of open space. Lush in vegetation and flush with pride, Elgin provides a learning experience rich in content from a nurturing, dedicated staff. As the sun explodes its palette of color in its ascent above the Mustang Mountains, our campus is already a hive of activity. Designated fifth grade and middle school students ready the flags for their respective ceremonies, and meet in the gymnasium for the Pledge, morning announcements, and birthday greetings. Breakfast is being served in the cafeteria. Teachers are preparing their rooms for the day and students are bursting with energy on the playground. With the blow of a playground whistle, the school day begins.

Our mission statement is the driving force behind our curriculum and school environment. Elgin School is a safe and caring learning community committed to the development of the whole child. Our mission is to engage all children in the art and work of childhood, to provide them a solid academic foundation and to have them demonstrate responsible citizenship through an innovative, rich curriculum, which responds to children’s needs.

Elgin’s traditions are rich in community collaborations, academic achievement, and a talented teaching staff. Several years ago, the mission statement was created at a school-hosted community forum and dinner, which has come to be known as the Annual Burger Burn. Now in its 14th year, Elgin and the local American Legion post have coordinated a commemoration of Veterans’ Day in which our students, staff, and community honor those who have served our country to protect its freedoms. Understanding that we have a rich cultural history to preserve, Elgin annually holds Ranch and Rodeo Days in which the Santa Cruz Cowbelles introduce our students to all aspects of ranch life.

The Elgin community has long placed high value on academic achievement of all of its students. Every quarter, Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance students receive certificates of recognition and the local paper publishes their achievements. In May of this year we will hold our first Honor Roll breakfast. All of our students are recognized for their celebrations of knowledge, classroom achievements, and exceptional citizenship at end of the year school assemblies and classroom parties.

A talented staff of professionals continues to be the school’s hallmark. Their desire to inspire students in their pursuit of knowledge is achieved by enthusiastically engaging our students in meaningful instruction in all content areas, with the goal to improve student learning and to provide a fair and equitable education for all students. These goals drive our professional development, parental communication and involvement, and our daily best practices.

On any given day you may find the Middle School math team preparing for the MathCounts competition or Mrs. Koweek's science students conducting research on how best to improve a patented product. Fourth graders may be writing poetry with a community poet or fifth graders finishing a multi-media presentation. When you visit the campus, you will find thoughtful, purposeful learning in an engaging environment.

Patriotic Exercises
Each school day begins with a flag ceremony in which students pledge allegiance to the United States of America. The principal may also take the opportunity to make announcements and highlight birthdays. A special ceremony is held in honor of Veterans’ Day.

School Pride
Fridays are Pride Days! To show pride in our school, students and staff are encouraged to wear the school colors of purple and white. Many activities at school include the singing of the official Elgin School Song, as follows:

We are the Eagles and we fly high
We are the Eagles and you’ll see why
We are the Eagles, tough and strong
Give us some time, it won’t take long
Fly high Eagles
Fly high Eagles
Fly high Eagles
We are the Eagles and we fly high

We are the Eagles; we’re a western school
We are the Eagles; we are totally cool
We are the Eagles; better than the rest
We are the Eagles; we’ll be the best


School Traditions
Elgin School is rich in tradition. Many of these annual events are unique to Elgin School and show how much students, teachers, parents, and the community contribute to the dynamics of a great school. The following are some examples of our Eagle Traditions:
• Rodeo Day
• County Fair Projects
• Science Fair
• Burger Burn
• Annual Art Show
• Poetry Workshop
• Veterans’ Day Celebration
• Love of Reading Week